Check Out New ‘WWE 2K16’ Universe Mode Details And A Full Hour Of MyCareer Footage

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You may think we’ve covered just about everything there is to cover about WWE 2K16, but somewhat lost in the shuffle has been the fact that Universe Mode will be returning in the game. Universe mode is basically WWE 2K’s attempt to do a Total Extreme Wrestling-esque management sim. You create your own promotion and shows and toy with the lives of your talent like a maniacal Vince McMahon. As a hopeless fantasy booker, Universe Mode has always been one of my favorite features, so it’s good to know it hasn’t been chopped.

This time around, the brands from Universe Modes past are finally gone, but now you can assign wrestlers to specific shows. Want John Cena to only appear on your version of Superstars? Do it. Want to make an all women’s wrestling show and assign all the ladies to that? Go for it. All the wrestlers will also now have set personality traits that will determine how they behave (and which you can alter through your booking).


WWE/2K Games

That “desperate” slider should probably be a lot higher.

Finally, in a realistic twist, your wrestlers can be afflicted with various status effects. Some of these are good, although most of them relate to injuries.


WWE/2K Games

You can check out a 10-minute preview of Universe Mode at the top of this post. Meanwhile, if you want another look at MyCareer Mode, you can check out a whopping hour of footage below, courtesy of YouTuber CMPuls3.

WWE 2K16 arrives next Tuesday, so this will be our last hype post for the game. Next week, I’ll be streaming and reviewing WWE 2K16, and believe you me, my judgment will be swift and decisive.

(Via The Smackdown Hotel)

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