Dusty Rhodes! Lita! Big Boss Man! Here Are The Stars And Matches In The ‘WWE 2K16’ Season Pass

Yesterday, we brought you some general details on the WWE 2K16 season pass, based on a listing on the Xbox store, but now 2K Games has released a trailer and full details on what you’ll get if you pony up the extra cash, and some of the stuff is pretty rad indeed.

2K has announced two character packs. The Legends pack will feature Dusty Rhodes, Big Boss Man, Mr. Perfect, Roddy Piper, Lita and Trish Stratus. BOSS MAN IS IN THE GAME. YES. The Future Stars pack will include Samoa Joe, Diego, Fernando, Blake and Murphy. Not so sure about friggin’ Los Matadores being designated “future stars,” but hey, Samoa Joe in a WWE-branded video game. Never thought I’d see that happen. The Legends pack will cost $9 and the Future Stars pack will cost $8 if you buy them individually.

As for the new Showcase, it won’t focus on one star, but a series of one-off matches featuring various Hall of Famers. Here are the matches we’ll be getting…

– Randy Savage vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts
– Rikishi vs. The Rock
– Alundra Blayze vs. Paige
– Larry Zbyszko vs. Arn Anderson
– Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Ric Flair
– The Bushwhackers vs. The Natural Disasters
– The Outsiders vs. Harlem Heat

A bit lame that Alundra Blayze will be facing Paige, considering the Showcase mode is supposed to be all about recreating history. But hey, Alundra Blayze is in the game! Also, holy sh*t, Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Ric Flair?! The Hall of Fame Showcase will cost $10 if you buy it on its own.

So, between the two character packs and the stars announced for the Hall of Fame Showcase, we’re up to 20 names. 2K has said the season pass will feature 30 new wrestlers, so there are still 10 to announce. In addition to the new wrestlers and Hall of Fame Showcase, the season pass will include The Accelerator and a pack of 30 new moves. The WWE 2K16 season pass will cost $25, a bit of a deal for these sort of things. So, what do you think of the season-pass offerings? Anything that lets me pit Big Boss Man against Earthquake is pretty okay in my book.