Xavier Woods Explains Why His WWE 2K17 Entrance Looks So Awkward

The making of WWE 2K17 entrances is fascinating. While we may recognize those signature dances and taunts, the real people performing the motion capture are usually drastically different than the Superstars who do them in real life.

Recently, New Day member and accomplished trombonerist Xavier Woods spoke to ComicBook.com about that process, and who it was that made his signature dancing look so damn awkward. For reference:

I saw the New Day entrance and it’s funny because if you enjoy wrestling, you might remember a guy by the name of Trent Baretta. He texted me and goes “I’m sorry.” I go “for what?”. Turns out he was doing the [motion capture] for the game and did my entrance. “I watched it a hundred times and tried to do my best, but I can’t move like you so I hope you like it. I’m sorry”. I’m like, I’m sure you did fine, but then watched it and yep, that’s Trent [laughs]. That’s definitely Trent dancing.

Trent Barreta is a former WWE Superstar, a former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion with Roppongi Vice teammate Rocky Romero in NJPW, one half of The Best Friends, and a certified platinum With Spandex Favourite Pro Wrestler.

But Trent? Awkward? Never.