WWE Has Announced Which Superstar Will Be On The Cover Of ‘WWE 2K18’

It seems like everyone in WWE has a big honkin’ announcement this week. Roman Reigns is supposed to make a SummerSlam announcement on Monday’s Raw, and all weekend Seth stinkin’ Rollins was talking about his big stinkin’ announcement on Monday morning’s SportsCenter. Many suspected the announcement would be that Rollins will be the stinkin’ cover athlete for WWE 2K18. And you know what? That stinkin’ thinkin’ was correct.

Rollins will grace the cover of WWE 2K18, which will be his first time as a WWE video game cover athlete. The cover spot isn’t quite as big a deal as in, say, any other sport, but it’s still a nice little feather in the cap of whichever wrestler gets the spot. The other games in the 2K series have had covers featuring Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Steve Austin, and The Rock, so that’s fine company for Rollins. (And the secret alternate Daniel Bryan cover, but we don’t talk about that one.)

Rollins made the announcement while standing in front of a WWE 2K18 backdrop, so they eliminated the guessing pretty much immediately. He’ll be on the cover of the game, which will be out on October 17. (He also guessed that Conor McGregor wouldn’t land a single punch on Floyd Mayweather, but that’s another story.) ESPN.com has the full story about the cover reveal, including Rollins talking about what an honor this is for him.

This is just the first step in the bajillion-step process to get the next installment of WWE 2K. We anticipate that we’ll have a lot more about the new game in the coming months, with the biggest news dropping around SummerSlam, as per usual.