2K Announced The DLC Bundles You Can Expect For ‘WWE 2K18’

We’re less than a month away from the release of WWE 2K18, and we’re getting perilously close to knowing all the details. We already know it’s going to have an absolutely ginormous roster of close to 200 Superstars. We know that Shane McMahon did all of his own stunts. We even kinda know what the gameplay is going to look like.

We know about the pre-order bonuses and the deluxe edition, and we know that there will be a Nintendo Switch version coming at some point this fall. And, as is the custom every October, we were all expecting there to be some DLC packs. And we were right!

But now we know the details of those DLC packs, as 2K announced them on Wednesday. There are going to be 10 more Superstars to play as, handling some of the glaring omissions from the roster reveal. So hold onto your butts.

The pricing information, which might be the most important of all: the WWE 2K18 Season Pass will be $29.99, which gives you ALL of the DLC content at a 20 percent discount. (And does anyone just buy the individual components of the Season Pass anymore?) For that amount, you’ll get the packs as follows.

Accelerator: Because you just don’t have time to unlock all the Superstars and Legends by earning points in the game the old-fashioned way. This also allows you to adjust Superstar ratings and attributes. Overall rating 99 Braun Strowman coming up!

MyPlayer Kickstart: Give the MyCareer mode a boost by unlocking a bunch of attributes for your created player as they embark on a WWE career.

New Moves Pack: It’s new moves for your guys. Just like it says.

NXT Generation Pack: Now we’re talking new wrestlers. Get four of NXT’s hottest properties to play as: Drew McIntyre, Aleister Black, Ruby Riot, and Lars Sullivan. And also Elias. Now you can walk with Elias … virtually.

Enduring Icons Pack: When the 2K18 roster was revealed, some of the loudest complaints were that the Hardy Boyz were not included. This fixes that, as you will get the current WWE incarnations of the Hardy Boyz, plus Hall of Fame members the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, and Beth Phoenix.

Pretty cool stuff. I personally cannot wait to truck fool all day long as the one and only Lars Sullivan. Bring it on.