The Domestic Violence Charges Against Former WWE Superstar Adam Rose Have Been Dropped

Adam Rose is no longer a WWE superstar, but he’s now free of his domestic violence charges.

Per TMZ, the former WWE superstar and party animal was in court this week where his wife “begged” the judge to take it easy on the grappler, saying that the situation was “blown out of proportion” and that she, ultimately, wasn’t hurt. Rose proved in the court that he’s getting help with his marital issues by seeing his pastor regularly.

In May, Rose was accused of domestic violence and felony tampering with a witness when he grabbed his wife by the face, and then tore the phone out of her hand as she attempted to call 911.

Rose’s lawyer, Maj Vasigh, told TMZ:

The charges were dropped in this case because, as both he and his wife have maintained from the beginning, Mr. Leppan was absolutely innocent. Mr. Leppan did not, nor would he ever hurt his wife or anyone else.

WWE indefinitely suspended Rose following the incident and he later asked for his release, which he was granted. The victim of the incident, Rose’s wife, stopped cooperating with investigators and the matter has been dropped altogether.

Despite the troubles, Rose’s lawyer maintains that the couple are “madly in love.”

(via TMZ)