AJ Styles’ Dream WWE Opponent May Not Be Who You’re Expecting

02.01.17 2 years ago 10 Comments

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AJ Styles has been in WWE for one year now, and he’s already given us some of the best main roster matches in years and had a four-month run with the WWE Championship. And also The Club is here!

You probably have your own personal laundry list of people you’d like Styles to face at least once, if not in an extended program. That list almost certainly has hearts drawn around the name “Shinsuke Nakamura.” But Chad Dukes Wrestling asked Styles himself who his dream WWE opponent is, and the erstwhile Champ Whom Ran The Camp took a page out of Rey Mysterio’s playbook: he sang the praises of one Mr. Randall Orton.

“Well, I think there’s that one person that everybody would like to see me work with, and that’s Randy Orton. Randy and I have yet to even touch in the ring, I don’t think I’ve hit him with anything, or he’s hit me. None of that’s ever happened. I think that’s gonna be something special when it does.”

Styles has already wrestled a surprising amount of the WWE roster — hell, he’s had a singles match against Enzo Amore, if you can believe it. (I don’t know why you wouldn’t believe it; I included a helpful picture of that match at the top of this post. By the way, apologies for the spoiler on that Smackdown match from July.) So it IS a little surprising that he and Orton have never mixed it up even once since Orton returned from being injured.

It’s going to happen sooner or later. And while we’re mostly past people dreading anything Orton touches, I think wrestling fans have learned that Styles can have a Match of the Year candidate against a wet cake at this point. No, I certainly didn’t draw comparisons between Randy Orton and a soggy cake; your own brain did that.

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