We Gave AJ Styles The Celebrity Mom Makeover Of Enzo Amore’s Dreams

AJ Styles spent enough of his career in TNA to know real humiliation, which is why we’re sure he’s none too bothered by fellow WWE Superstar Enzo roasting him on Instagram. But listen — if I had a dime for every evening I spent giving AJ Styles celebrity hair makeovers, I’d have…well, okay, I’d have like $.50. Look, I don’t judge how you spend your Tuesday nights, so let’s not waste time playing the shame game here.

We here at With Spandex agreed that Enzo was onto something, so I AJ Styled the former IWGP Heavyweight Champ into something a little more AJ Stylish with these fun celebrity mom hairdos.

Hillary Clinton

Which mom is getting more airtime right now than Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton? You can’t spell FIERCE AND FABULOUS without BENGHAZI.

Judith Light

Judith Light’s role as Angela Bower is one of the most famous television moms of all time. For the record, AJ is Angela, Karl Anderson is Tony, and Luke Gallows is man-crazy Mona.

Jessica Alba

Sleek and smooth or wild and wavy, Alba’s versatility looks real good on AJ.

Reese Witherspoon

No cruel intentions with this one! We think this southern belle’s legally blonde tresses look just like heaven. Or at least good enough for the cover of Vanity Fair. Eh? Ehhhh?

Kim Kardashian

Karl Anderson posting a recorded phone conversation of John Cena agreeing to get jumped by The Club or we riot.


Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is a real-life mom, a TV mom, and loves taking selfies at wrestling shows. It’s perfect, really.

Angelina Jolie

No bevy of makeover photos would be complete without a classy updo, and no list of celebrity mothers would be complete without super mom Angelina Jolie. Whoa whoa whoa, Superman Punch, more like SuperMOM Punch, amirite?

Chrissy Teigen

This social media beef needs an appearance by social media queen Teigen. Superman Punch, more like SuperMODEL Pu-okay, sorry, I’ll stop.

Michelle Williams

Honestly, I feel like there’s a very good chance AJ Styles may have actually had this hairdo at some point in his life.


The one that started it all! There’s something that’s so wrong, but yet so right about this. Man, is there anything Beyonce CAN’T do?

Kate Gosselin

Saving the best for last, the ultimate soccer mom ‘do. Forget new gear, I think this is AJ’s special SummerSlam look all taken care of. You’re welcome.

So what do you say, dude. Can I be your AJ Stylist or what?