Daniel Bryan Accused AJ Styles Of Being A Flat-Earther

Few people expected that “is the Earth flat?” would be a hot topic of conversation in the sports world in the year 2017, but after Kyrie Irving dropped his personal knowledge during the NBA All-Star break, suddenly everyone is wondering if the truth is out there. Now we might have our first WWE wrestler who subscribes to some … alternative ideas vis a vis the roundness of our planet.

After Tuesday night’s Smackdown and 205 Live went off the air, Talking Smack of course hit WWE Network. Hosts Renee Young and Daniel Bryan welcomed their guests for the evening: Becky Lynch, The Usos and AJ Styles, who was full of ire at Bryan for declaring the main event battle royal a draw.

But after Styles accused Bryan of being dumb, Bryan appeared to break character as he started an impromptu discussion about how AJ may or may not believe the world is flat.

“I have a very slow brain, according to AJ.” He then turned to Styles and said, “Hey, AJ, do you want to talk about how you think the Earth is flat?”

Styles quickly thought up a hellacious burn and responded with, “Do you want to talk about how your feet are flat?”

“They are flat!” Bryan said, grinning, then turned back to Renee. “But he legitimately thinks the Earth is flat.”

“I do not think the world is flat, I’m just saying there’s some stuff about it, that’s all,” Styles said, shrugging.

“He’s a flat-Earther.”

“I’m not a flat-Earther.”

“And he wants to say that I think slowly.” He turned back to Styles. “The Earth is a sphere.”


Renee then chimed in. “Axis. It moves on an axis.”

“Okay. I’m not a ‘flat-Earther,'” Styles said, putting maximum disdain on the term. “I’m just saying, there’s some things about it that make sense. I don’t think you can handle it.” He shrugged. “That’s pretty much it.”

Renee then tried to wrap up the show, and Styles took in-character offense that he was being run off because Bryan wanted to talk about conspiracy theories instead of discussing wrestling stuff. He suggested that Bryan leave instead, and Bryan immediately took him up on the offer and said they should do this every week. Renee then wrapped up the show as normal while Styles crumpled up and tossed her notes.

So there you have it: AJ Styles is NOT a “flat-Earther,” but there are parts of the theories that make sense to him. I know how you feel, AJ. I personally believe there’s no such thing as “X-Pac heat.” And people call ME a fool!