AJ Styles Is Working Hard At Teasing A Match With Shawn Michaels At The Royal Rumble

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10.20.16 14 Comments

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Ever since WWE announced 2017’s Royal Rumble would be held at the Alamodome in San Antonio, people have been speculating the promotion would pull out all the stops to sell out the 65,000-seat arena. There are few things WWE loves more than setting attendance records, so putting one of the three biggest events of the year in a big honkin’ stadium that they haven’t held an event in since 1997 will need something a little bit bigger than the traditional (albeit passionately beloved) Royal Rumble match.

One of the rumors going around is that WWE is trying to coax Shawn Michaels out of retirement for the event in his home state. If you saw Michaels at WrestleMania 32, you’ll know that he’s currently in fantastic shape and certainly looks like he can still go. Although up until now, he has gone back and forth about whether he wants to get back in the ring, as his retirement match against the Undertaker still means a lot to him.

Michaels’ rumored opponent for the event is the current WWE Champion, AJ Styles, who has been setting the world on fire over the past few years and has been a top star ever since his debut at THIS year’s Royal Rumble. Obviously, fans are salivating at the thought of that dream match.

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