Alberto Del Rio Might Be Leaving WWE As Soon As September

Alberto Del Rio has certainly been through a real roller coaster ride ever since he parted ways with Lucha Underground and AAA and returned to WWE. He had to vacate the AAA Mega Championship, won the WWE United States Championship on his first night back by obliterating John Cena, got a whole bunch of money to leave behind everything he claimed to love about his “freedom” in Lucha Underground, got attacked by a fan in Puerto Rico, got injured and formed and disbanded the League of Nations. That was all in one year.

And that’s not even taking into account his relationship with Paige that wrestling fans seem to take way too much interest in, his feuds with Kalisto or MexAmerica — which we will never talk about again. Suffice to say, Del Rio isn’t very happy with his role in the company and reportedly, WWE is somewhat underwhelmed with how his second run has gone to this point.

Well, the two parties might be going their separate ways sooner rather than later. Del Rio has an opt-out clause in his contract which he can exercise in September, according to Dave Meltzer at the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. TNA has a lot of interest in Del Rio, and he could make a lot of money with a much lighter schedule in any combination of Lucha Underground, TNA or either of the two major Mexican promotions.

Will we soon see the return of the fired-up everyman hero Alberto El Patron that we fell in love with all over again in Lucha Underground? It certainly couldn’t hurt. He’s currently treading serious water in WWE, even with the thin rosters after the brand extension.

And besides, things just aren’t the same ever since they ditched the cars during his WWE entrances. Hearing his theme song without obnoxious honking is just a cruel parody of real life.

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