Alexa Bliss Gives Us A Tutorial On How To Make The Perfect BlissFace

During SummerSlam weekend, With Spandex hit the WWE 2K18 red carpet event, and we hit it hard. We asked Bray Wyatt what’s up with that awful losing streak of his, and then got down to the nitty gritty with AJ Styles to find out his deepest hair care secrets. When it comes to the current WWE RAW Women’s Champion, however, there was only one question on our minds: could Alexa Bliss teach us mere mortals how to do a proper BlissFace?

Turns out there’s one simple trick to finding our inner Bliss:

So this is what I do backstage when I need to get into serious mode. I people watch, especially when I’m at the airport, and I hate when you’re walking and someone stops in front of you, so I think about what face I would make, like … really? Really?

Okay, so perhaps the transcription removed from the faces she’s pulling leaves it a bit vague, but truthfully, if you dig down deep and find that one small, petty annoyance that instantaneously makes your blood boil, the face almost involuntarily follows suit. Eschewing Oxford commas, internet comment sections, men explaining your jokes back to you — see? You’re making that face right now. Foolproof.