WWE Claims The ‘Total Divas’ Cast Is ‘ALL IN’ For Season 8

07.27.18 10 months ago 7 Comments


Nearly a year after WWE reportedly forced the Young Bucks to stop using the “Too Sweet” gesture, it appears Vince McMahon’s behemoth may have flat out piggy-backed off one of the biggest independent shows in history.

Cody Rhodes and the Bucks have been building up ALL IN, their self-funded, 10,000-seat independent show for months. With the massive event just around the corner, WWE released an oddly coincidental promo for E! Network’s next season of Total Divas. The Season 8 promo used the same phrase, in almost the exact same style mere months before the big show:

Thus far, Nick Jackson and Cody Rhodes haven’t responded. But it didn’t take long for Matt Jackson to react:

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