With FS1 Studios Closed, WWE Backstage Is Hosting A Women’s Wrestling Special With Paige And Renee Young

With FS1 studio productions temporarily on hold due to coronavirus concerns, the hosts WWE Backstage had to either go on hiatus or figure out a new kind of programming to give us. The direction they chose, at least for tonight, looks like it will be a low-key, entertaining program for our socially distant times.

Rather than the usual Tuesday night mix of a panel of wrestlers, celebrity guest promo school, and company announcements presented as breaking news, tonight’s show will be a “Watch With” Renee Young and Paige. They’ll be revisiting two groundbreaking matches of WWE’s Women’s Revolution Era, the first NXT Women’s Championship match between Paige vs. Emma from 2013 and the Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch match for the revived WWE Women’s Championship from WrestleMania 32 in 2016. Paige and Young will also be answering questions from fans during the show.

Especially if the suspicion that a COVID-19 case in the wrestling world is inevitable (they’re all touching each other so much!), this seems like a chill way to enjoy both some new wrestling-related content and some quality matches from the recent past. Deliver some soothing early NXT women’s division nostalgia directly to my stressed-out eyeballs, please and thank you, WWE Backstage.