WWE’s Version Of Bad Lip Reading Turns Daniel Bryan Into ‘Teddy Graham’

If you’re like basically every other human being on the internet, you love (or know someone who loves) Bad Lip Reading videos. If you don’t (or don’t), they’re what they sound like; someone takes pre-existing footage of NFL games or Donald Trump and dubs in funny substitutes for whatever they’re saying. If someone could combine them with eyewitness accounts and a rap battle, it’d be Perfect Internet.

WWE’s jumping on that boat with “hilariously bad WWE lip dubs.” Highlights include Matt Striker announcing that he wets the bed, a surprisingly good Seth Rollins impression (in the “wall of fish” bit), Vickie Guerrero being extremely upset about Edge being a deaf horse, and a romantic Roman Reigns being all about cheeses. If you love these and/or wish that Batista cut more promos about not washing himself, you’ve probably already clicked the video and shared it.

Can we make some of this canon? I want them to poach Striker from Lucha Underground season 2 and bring him back as an announcer overly-concerned with wrestler cuteness and bedwetting announcements. So … Matt Striker, I guess. I’m also okay with bringing back the gentle hobbit “Teddy Graham.” He can feud with Mark Macintosh.

(Via WWE Fan Nation)