WWE’s Baron Corbin Would Like To Drop Conor McGregor On His Head

Baron Corbin and Conor McGregor have a lot in common. Corbin is a three-time Gold Gloves champ; McGregor is trying to get a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather. Corbin is gearing up to have his second WrestleMania Moment in as many years; McGregor has more money than Scrooge McDuck humping a piggybank. Like I said, they’re practically identical.

While Corbin was making the press rounds for WrestleMania 33, 105.3 The Fan’s Troy Hughes asked him who he likes if the Mayweather-McGregor fight were to ever go down. (Note: as someone whose job it is to monitor Conor McGregor news, if that match doesn’t become official soon, I am going to lose my mind.)

Corbin picked Mayweather to win, because he knows boxing well enough to bet on a boxer in a boxing match. You don’t pick a duck to win the Kentucky Derby, no matter how big or fast that duck is. Corbin also went on record as saying he doesn’t like what Conor has to say about WWE and pro wrestlers, and will gladly drop him on his head if given the opportunity.

“I would go with Mayweather. I mean, the guy is unprecedented; he has zero losses. And he has an ego, I mean who wouldn’t? I have an ego, I like to tell everyone I’m the best and carry myself that way, but I mean nobody has touched Floyd. And he has created a legacy, and Conor McGregor is a professional at running his mouth. I think, you know, he’s called out a few WWE Superstars. I wouldn’t mind taking a crack at Conor McGregor. And he’s like 165 pounds, 185 pounds soaking wet. So I would like to slam him on his head a few times.”

Well crap, now I want to see Baron Corbin vs. Conor McGregor way more than I want to see McGregor-Mayweather. Given how much Conor loves money, and how he’ll do pretty much anything if you meet his price, I’d say the two matches have about an equal chance of happening.

(h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcript)