Baron Corbin Has Been Named The ‘Most Metal Athlete Of 2016’

Baron Corbin did not appear on Tuesday night’s episode of Smackdown Live, in part because he and Corey Graves were WWE’s representatives at the prestigious(?) Revolver Awards, the awards show presented by Revolver Magazine, which “celebrates hard rock and metal.” I guess that’s why Corbin’s vignette on Tuesday’s Smackdown was so damn metal. It looked like a Corrosion of Conformity video. announced on Tuesday night that Corbin had actually won the award he was nominated for: Most Metal Athlete of 2016. It looks like there was some pretty stiff competition, too.

Baron Corbin is your Most Metal Athlete of 2016.

The Lone Wolf was crowned at the 2016 Revolver Music Awards in New York City, where he was voted to glory past nominees such as NHL players Robin Lehner and Drew Stafford, as well as UFC fighters Julianna Peña and Matt Brown. congratulates Corbin on his big night!

Baron Corbin: empirically more metal than some hockey nerds or MMA goobers. Good job, Barry C. The award itself, as you might imagine, is also pretty metal.

We haven’t seen footage of the awards ceremony yet, but we imagine he yelled at Rob Halford and told him to go back to Iron Maiden. If he can manage to get some more animal skulls onto his vest in time, he’ll likely be back in time for next week’s Smackdown.