Dave Bautista Might Not Be A Fan Of Donald Trump

With this bonkers-ass Presidential election going on right now, you never know where the allegiances of your favorite celebrities and sports figures are going to lie. WWE seems especially unpredictable, what with it being a haven of noted libertarians, bogeymen and other weirdos. Dolph Ziggler, for example, has been all over Fox News during the election cycle. Ric Flair, for further example, has apparently entered the Presidential race with his running mate Waka Flocka. EXACTLY AS WE ALL PREDICTED.

But what about Guardians of the Galaxy star and disgruntled ex-WWE employee Dave “Batista” “Dave Batista” Bautista? Well, it’s a bit hard to determine his political leanings, but if you look very hard and try to read between the lines, you might just be able to divine his feelings in a recent tweet.
Now, we don’t want to speculate rampantly on such a vague missive, but it appears that Big Dave might not — might not — be a very big fan of The Donald. We don’t want to put words in his mouth, though. Judge for yourself.

Yeah, but Dave … are you sure? Tell us how you really feel.

Oh, okay. Gotcha. Thank you for putting that in wrestling terms for us.

Cool, see you later.