WWE May Have Banned Beach Balls And All Pool Toys From Live Events

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08.23.17 13 Comments

In the past week, both SummerSlam and the episode of WWE Raw following SummerSlam at the Barclays Center were beset by a plague of beach balls. This isn’t the first time fans have brought beach balls to a WWE event in hopes of thoroughly distracting themselves and the wrestlers during a show. The episodes of Raw immediately after WrestleMania, for example, are notoriously filled with fans who are more interested in being paid attention to than paying attention to the show, and they’ve batted around their share of balls before.

But SummerSlam was the first time that a wrestler was provoked into doing something about the beach balls themselves. While Sheamus and Cesaro were tearing it up in the ring during their tag team title defense against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, the crowd briefly got distracted by a beach ball. When the ball landed in the ringside area, Cesaro leaped into the seats and grabbed it, then tore it to smithereens. It was glorious.

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