WWE’s Becky Lynch Got In The Ring With GLOW’s Alison Brie For An ESPN Magazine Cover


Whether WWE can fully get behind it or not (and there have been some real questions lately), women’s wrestling is having a moment. A women’s match Main-Evented WrestleMania, featuring UFC Crossover Star Ronda Rousey, Heir Apparent Charlotte Flair, and breakthrough star Becky Lynch. Meanwhile, Netflix is about to drop its third season of GLOW, a comedy series about women’s wrestling in the ’80s, which stars Alison Brie, Marc Maron, and Betty Gilpin. In celebration of this confluence, ESPN The Magazine features WWE’s Becky Lynch and GLOW’s Alison Brie on this week’s newly released cover.

By appearing with Brie, Lynch becomes the first WWE Superstar ever to make the cover of ESPN The Magazine. While that certainly reflects well on her, and displays her obvious potential for crossover stardom that WWE has mostly ignored, it also reflects the recent closeness between ESPN and WWE, which is also reflected in tomorrow’s ESPY Awards, which feature a new category called “Best WWE Moment.” Despite all that, you certainly can’t blame Becky for being excited and proud.

The issue features a tandem interview with Brie and Lynch, in which they talk about wrestling and acting from the perspectives of an actor who wrestles and a wrestler who acts. It’s a fun encounter between two corners of the wrestling world. In fact, it would be fun to see Alison Brie and Becky Lynch do a little work together, whether on a Netflix set or in a WWE ring.