Goldberg Revealed He Hasn’t Actually Trained In A Wrestling Ring Yet For His WWE Comeback

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WWE has been pushing the Bill Goldberg return very hard, as well they should. The WCW legend has been boosting ratings and Jackhammering fools in the lead-up to his big comeback match against Brock Lesnar after a 12-year absence from wrestling. Lots of people are questioning whether the 49-year-old can still go, and week by week, he’s doing his best to make his case.

Goldberg was a guest on Episode 83 of Booker T’s Heated Conversations podcast and said that while he hasn’t been in the ring yet, he’s not an idiot. In his estimation of his own body and abilities, he was an athlete for a long time, so he isn’t sweating it.

“I haven’t been in the ring yet. That’s the one thing after those 12 years that is probably the most important to reacquaint yourself with, but I’m going in for one match. I’m not going to get into the ring for 20 days straight to reacclimate myself to hitting the ropes because, hopefully, the only thing that will be hitting is my fist hitting Brock’s face and him hitting the mat, so the reality is I’m going to be taken to Suplex City. I’m going to take some suplexes in this thing. Yeah, but it is what it is. It ain’t like I didn’t play in the NFL, dude. I may be old, but I know what I’m getting myself into.”

Goldberg also said that his main goal for this match is to be able to press slam Lesnar like he did last time. He has confidence he’ll be able to do that, even though he doesn’t weigh 280 or 290 pounds like he used to. He’s been working a lot on Muay Thai training and footwork and believes he’ll bring a “different package” but will be “the same guy.”

Maybe we’ll get a few more glimpses of physicality from Goldberg between now and Survivor Series, but whether he can still go in the ring is a big part of why we’re all interested in watching his return match.

(h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription)

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