Bobby Roode Doesn’t Care What WWE Brand He Ends Up On

It’s arguable that few wrestlers have benefited as much from leaving Impact Wrestling as Bobby Roode has. The man has become a supernova of a cult favorite in NXT thanks to his theme song, and he’s one of only two men who has beaten Shinsuke Nakamura. Oh yeah; and he’s the current NXT Champion. It seems like it’s just a matter of time before he brings his own personal brand of gloriousness to the main roster.

During a Q&A with SportsKeeda, Roode was asked whether he has a preference of brand between Raw and Smackdown when he finally makes his WWE main roster debut. Not surprisingly, Roode is pretty cool either way.

“No, I don’t (have a preference). I think both brands are great and obviously, I’d rather go to the brand that suits me the most at whatever time that is (main roster call-up). Whether it be SmackDown Live or RAW, it really doesn’t matter.

“I think the talent is exceptional on both sides so I can sink my teeth into whatever is put in front of me in either brand so whether it’s Monday nights or Tuesday nights, it really doesn’t matter to me.”

I think there are very few wrestlers — particularly any as accomplished or tenured as Roode — who would really have a strong feeling about which brand they’d like to end up on. The WWE main roster is the WWE main roster. You’re either going to get watched by more people each week, or you’re going to be on the show the fans usually enjoy more.

Roode knows he’s got “Glorious Domination” and the world is his oyster. He’s in the catbird seat, baby. Don’t trouble him with minutiae like “brand preference.”