Booker T Announced He Will Run For Mayor Of Houston In 2020

I don’t want to say that wrestlers have always been involved in politics, but with a WWE Hall of Famer as the President-elect and Rhyno just coming off a run for state assembly while holding the Smackdown Tag Team Championship, we might start seeing more and more grapplers trying their hand at public office going forward. The Rock hasn’t ruled out being President one day, you know. But the latest person to step into the fray is another Hall of Famer: Booker T.

CBS Houston relayed the news that on his local Houston Sportsradio610 show, former WWE and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T is now planning to enter the political arena, as he will run for mayor of his hometown of Houston in the year 2020.

“You heard it, 2020 I’m preparing,” Booker said during his radio show. “I’m preparing myself to run for mayor of the city.”

Luckily enough, Booker’s guest was none other than Rhyno himself, so King Booker asked the Man Beast for some advice. Rhyno had nothing but praise for the WWE Hall of Famer and thinks he’s going to make a great mayor.

“You are over qualified for the job. Wrestling not only prepares you for life but it prepares you for positions like that because you feel the emotion from the people you know what they want, you’ve built yourself from where you were to where you’re at now.”

Professional wrestling: it’s like a prep school for politics.

After the fact, Booker made sure to signal boost his own message on Twitter. For the time being, it looks like it’s full steam ahead on “Booker T For Mayor” in four years.

The current mayor of Houston is Democrat Sylvester Turner, who assumed office in January of this year.

UPDATE: On Tuesday, Booker T released a formal letter outlining and confirming his intent to run.