Being Asked To Carry Steve Austin’s Bags Was One Of Booker T’s First WWE Experiences

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These days, Booker T is spending his life apart from being a WWE commentator focused on running his wrestling school and promotion, writing comic books and NOT doing the Spinaroonie, but all of that is a big, BIG step up from the first major request WWE had for him way back when he started with the company in 2001.

On the latest episode of Heated Conversations with Booker T, Bruce Prichard (AKA Brother Love) stopped by the program. He recalled the time that Booker T broke Steve Austin’s hand during his WWE debut, and the bizarre request that he had to relay from WWE to Booker immediately afterward.

“I remember calling Booker late at night. I had gotten a phone call from our owner, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, who suggested that I call Book to suggest to Book that he should call Steve [and] make sure Steve is alright and he should be at Steve’s door to carry Steve’s bags the next day at the airport. And so, I’m like, ‘let me get this straight. You want a fat white guy to call the new black guy and ask him to meet the star white guy and carry his bags through the airport? Okay.’ So obviously, that went over like a fart in church … I was straight up with Book and I just didn’t pull any punches and I just told him how it was, man, and where it was coming from and why. And he said, ‘okay, great. I ain’t carrying nobody’s bag.’ And he didn’t and I respect him for that. And he respects me for being the one to have to make the call and do my job.”

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