Somebody Turned Brock Lesnar’s Tattoo Into A Real Knife That Can Kill You

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What’s more terrifying than Brock Lesnar? Brock Lesnar’s tattoo come to life in the form of a real thing that can kill you for real.

New York artist Jimmy DiResta has been seen in the past on the Discovery Channel, HGTV, and whatever a DIY Network is (America! You have so many channels!). This guy can probably make anything out of anything. If you’re Wyclef Jean and for some reason you need a functional guitar shaped like an AK-47, DiResta’s your dude. If you’ve ever wondered what Brock Lesnar’s giant dick sword tattoo would look like as a real, three-dimensional weapon, DiResta’s the guy with the answer:

Now, if you’re thinking man, that blade doesn’t look like much, be sure to skip ahead to the end of the video where DiResta goes full on Fruit Ninja and starts slicing through watermelons mid-air. The tattoo design itself is ugly as sin, but a) slicing through watermelons in mid-air seems like a ton of fun, and b) again, it’s a real-life knife that can for sure kill you, so we’re not gonna disparage it too much.

Now, I guess the real question that remains is this: What’s more terrifying, Brock Lesnar’s tattoos come to life, or WWE announcer Michael Cole’s?

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