WWE Has Released Legendary Jobber The Brooklyn Brawler After 30 Years

WWE’s post-WrestleMania roster cleanup began in earnest on Friday with the release of a handful of Superstars, from former Funkadactyl Cameron to former anonymous Raw General Manager Hornswoggle. That was followed by the announcement that King Barrett was formally leaving the company as well, and the upsetting axing of Damien Sandow.

On Wednesday, we added another unexpected name to that list as WWE released Steve Lombardi, aka legendary jobber The Brooklyn Brawler, after over 30 years of service. The news was confirmed by Cynthia Heenan, wife of the Brawler’s former manager Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan.


Lombardi began with the then-WWF in 1983, teaming with fellow Jobber Mt. Rushmore head Barry Horowitz. He became the Brooklyn Brawler in 1989 — a guy in jeans and a New York Yankees shirt who professed to be a street fighter, but almost exclusively lost, even to roosters — but that wasn’t his only role. In addition to becoming a producer and road agent, Lombardi competed as Kim Chee, Doink the Clown, MVP (not that one), Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz, the Red Knight and a number of other utility roles.

Brawler commented on his release via Twitter:

In a 2015 interview with Rolling Stone, he explained what kept him around (and losing) all that time.

“Not every senator becomes a president, ya know what I mean? My goal was to have steady work for the rest of my life.”

Best of luck in your future street fights, Brawler.