WWE Interviewed DJ Tanner About Her ‘Fuller House’ Wrestling Debut

This is the wrestling world we live in. WWE (and Triple H, specifically) are creating a pro wrestling utopia where NXT signs everyone from Austin Aries to Shinsuke Nakamura, where KANA shows up beside Ric Flair and Sgt. Slaughter and becomes one of the most over performers in the company, and where Dot Com gets an exclusive interview with Bay Area veterinarian DJ Fuller following her explosive debut in Lucha Kaboom.

But no, seriously, in case you missed it, there’s a lucha libre episode of Fuller House. DJ Tanner gets in the ring to dismantle a team of wrestling chickens, hitting them with a top rope splash and pinning them with La Magistral. This really happened. You can read our full recap of the event here.

WWE interviewed Candace Cameron Bure — who did all of the wrestling herself, we should point out — about how it all came together. Sadly there’s no, “I grew up watching Psicosis and yearned to be a part of lucha libre history” backstory, but the real story’s still pretty good.

Could you tell us a little bit about how you first learned you were going to be getting into a wrestling ring for “Fuller House”?

Well, no one expected me to actually get in the ring. They had told me about this wrestling episode with the [Fuller] kids and it would be really fun and I said, “Oh, that’s so great!” My real kids love watching it; they think it’s awesome.

The first day in, they brought the stunt doubles and they said we’re just going to watch the stunt doubles. They’re going to work out the wrestling routine, and then they’ll do everything and we’ll just come in and do close-up face shots of me and edit it all together. Well, I watched the stuntwoman do the routine and I just said, “She’s not doing it! I’m doing it. I can do that!”

Candace Cameron Bure LaRae?

If you watch the episode, DJ’s moves are actually really good. She does a headscissors into an armdrag that is legitimately better and more confident than a lot of the talent you see on TV. She’s got more believable strikes than Brie Bella, at least. That’s at age 39, after two days.

“We had two days to rehearse it. I spent maybe an hour or two each day practicing, and then we taped it on the third day. So I didn’t have much rehearsal time.”

You can read the entire interview here, but if you’re like me, you only have one question: with Fuller House getting renewed for a second season, will we get another look at DJ’s lucha libre prowess? Can it be to Fuller House what paintball was to Community?

Do you think that’s the last time you’d get into a wrestling ring?

No! I had so much fun doing all that stuff. If there were some other opportunities, I would totally be down. And thanks to all the wrestling fans who were enjoying it! I’m so glad. Thanks for the props.

Oh my Atlantis.

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