Is A WWE Return For Carlito In The Works?

Carlito, the son of Puerto Rican wrestling legend (and WWE Hall of Famer) Carlos Colon, began his wrestling career in WWE, and if he gets his way, he’ll end it there.

In a new interview clip with The Hannibal TV, Carlito said that the ball is in WWE’s “court.” Since his departure, he hasn’t wrestled for another high-level organization, instead choosing to spend his time working on the international indy circuit. Carlito debuted for WWE almost a decade ago, and he became a pretty good hand in the mid-card range, feuding with the likes of John Cena and Shelton Benjamin.

The one thing, though, that always held Carlito back was his lack of intensity: he always seemed like he had another, higher gear that he could kick into during his matches, but he just never quite got there. There’s no doubt that he’s athletically-gifted (his springboard moonsault is a thing of beauty), and he can cut a fine (not excellent) promo, and with WWE’s lack of talent and direction right now, perhaps he could help bolster a sagging lineup.

This new interview with Carlito seems to suggest that there has been talks between the two. With the tepid shape of WWE’s product right now, maybe a bit of face-spitting is just what the company could use.