Cesaro Sews His Own Entrance Gear Because There’s Literally Nothing He Can’t Do

Swiss ubermensch Cesaro is latest WWE Superstar to join host Renee Young for her network show Unfiltered. If you think there’s a limit to what the former Intercontinental Champion can do, hahaha oh my god do you even know who this guy is? Clearly not.

Besides the ability to cut a mean promo, European uppercut fools into oblivion, and make pro wrestling look like the easiest thing in the world (it’s not, how can you even do that), Cesaro is also an adept tailor. In the video above, he reveals that he sews his own tearaway entrance gear because literally what can this dude not do? Cesaro explains where he picked up his skills:

We learned in school. We do work for six months and then we do arts and crafts for six months, so you learn all kinds of stuff.

I don’t know what kind of weird curriculum they’re running in Switzerland, but it’s clearly working because , uh, look at him:

Also, doing arts and crafts with Cesaro has definitely cracked the top five things I’d like to do with Cesaro if I could. For the record, that top five is as follows:

1. Petting dogs (both fluffy and non-)
2. Drinking coffee and talking about the dogs we just pet
3. Competing at a pub trivia night as team Swiss Miss (now updated to Swissters of Mercy)
4. Doing arts and crafts
5. Seeing how many ridiculous things he can deadlift

I bet that guy could make the sh*t out of a macaroni necklace.