WWE Will Now Officially Refer To Charlotte As ‘Charlotte Flair’

Over the past couple of years, pro wrestling fans have gotten used to having wrestlers with more-or-less real names get one or more of those names lopped off by some weird WWE mandate. Big E Langston became “Big E,” Wade Barrett Became “Bad News Barrett” and then “King Barrett,” Alexander Rusev became “Rusev,” Antonio Cesaro became “Cesaro” and Adrian Neville became “Neville.” Even though by this point it seems weird to think of Cesaro as “Antonio Cesaro,” the fact remains that WWE has had a real boner for shortening wrestlers’ names.


Yes, in a drastic turnaround from established company policy, former two-time Women’s Champion (and former one-time Divas Champion, if we’re being sticklers) Charlotte has now GAINED a name. In WWE going forward, she will henceforth be known as Charlotte Flair.
Every relevant YouTube clip title uploaded to WWE’s official account since Monday has featured the name “Charlotte Flair,” and Charlotte’s WWE.com profile and her personal Instagram and Twitter account display names have both been adjusted to reflect the now-official change.

The move makes a lot of sense. Now that Ric Flair is no longer associated with her, it’s the simplest possible way to keep her lineage right up front and in everyone’s face. And in a world where WWE includes other women wrestlers almost exclusively with two names — you know, like actual human beings have — it just feels good.

But uh … at the same time, we’re totally cool with you not going with “Bayley Martinez” or anything in the near future, WWE.

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