Watch The Debut Match Of New WWE Chinese Superstar Bin Wang

Back in June, WWE made a landmark deal with Chinese streaming conglomerate PPTV as part of their big new initiative to break into the Chinese market in a major way. WWE has been doing the full court press in China ever since announcing that deal, beginning with a press conference where John Cena spoke perfect Mandarin and announced the signing of the first Chinese national athlete to compete in WWE, Bin Wang.

Over the weekend, WWE held a live event in Shanghai, China, where Bin Wang (now competing under the name Tian Bin) had his debut WWE match, which you can watch in the video above.

Tian Bin competed against Bo Dallas, which is about as wonderful a first opponent as you can get in WWE. In the video, he is clearly supremely over and beloved by the Chinese crowd and everything he did awed and impressed the fans in attendance. In fine “debut international Superstar” tradition, Tian Bin got the victory, gaining the pinfall after a running powerslam.

You can gauge for yourself how WWE-ready Bin looks based on these clips, but he certainly has a great look and a huge, built-in audience in his home country. Perhaps we’ll see him pop up in NXT sooner rather than later, or maybe even make a jump to the main roster in short order. Only time will tell.

You can see a lot of other highlights of the show in Shanghai, perhaps my favorite of which is the crowd enthusiastically singing along to The Big Show’s theme song. Let’s just be glad that Show’s match in Shanghai went better than his match in Manila.

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