Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks Had A Brutal Brawl At WWE Clash Of Champions

Things got a bit wild tonight at WWE Clash of Champions, when Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks had their match for the Raw Women’s Championship. The recently returned and heel-turned Banks was hoping to become Champion, which didn’t happen tonight (but still might before long), but neither she nor Becky showed each other any mercy in their knock-down, drag-out battle.

Sasha brought a chair to the ring, and while the ref was disposing of it, she took the opportunity to grab a second chair and hit Becky with it. When Becky attempted to retaliate, she accidentally knocked out the ref with the chair, leaving the match without an official. When she saw how brutal Becky was willing to get while unsupervised, Sasha attempted to abandon the match through the crowd, but Becky followed her, and they brawled up the stairs of the arena, and then through the concourse.