Jim Ross Believes CM Punk Might Return To Wrestling, But Would Be ‘Shocked’ If He Came Back To WWE

CM Punk is currently be angling for a second UFC fight, and he has plenty of MMA companies lining up to get a piece of that sweet, sweet CM Punk money. And while the “CM PUNK” chants at WWE shows may have mostly died down (outside of Chicago, at least), whenever a major show rolls around, wrestling fans still idly wonder whether this might be the time Punk comes back into the fold. Spoiler alert: it won’t be.

In an interview with ABC 15, Ross was asked his opinion on the futures of various names, like Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar, but it’s his take on the wrestling future of CM Punk that’s the most interesting. In Ross’ estimation, Punk may very well return to wrestling one day, but it’s not going to be with WWE.

“I would be shocked if he came back to WWE. However — and he might disagree with this — I would not be shocked if he came back and did a wrestling gig. Maybe New Japan (Pro Wrestling), something along those lines. There’s a lot of talk of other groups that are looking to get their toe in the water. McMahon’s got the monopoly, and they do a phenomenal job. They’re the big dog in the yard, so other dogs now are barking. We’ll see how it comes about. I don’t think Punk would ever go back to WWE, but I could be wrong. They could hug and make up.”

I honestly think Ross is pretty spot-on with this one. Punk lived and breathed pro wrestling for the bulk of his lifetime, and it’s very possible he’ll feel the itch to get back in the ring one day. Particularly if his MMA career doesn’t pan out. (Ahem.) But the guy has proved he’s perfectly willing to turn down paydays if things aren’t on his terms, and he doesn’t really need money at this point anyway.

I’d put money on Punk showing up in Ring of Honor or EVOLVE before WWE again (given his past deep history with ROH and Gabe Sapolsky). But as always, if there’s anyone capable of walking away from wrestling altogether, forever, it’s Punk.