CM Punk Gave Away His Actual WWE Championship Belt For Christmas

CM Punk, MMA dabbler and former WWE Superstar, has a long history of not giving many f*cks about most things in general. His latest thing not to give a f*ck about? His former world title.
Cliff Compton, who you may remember from a KFC commercial (or maybe as WWE Tag Team Champion Domino) (but probably mostly from the Great Power Uti story on Colt Cabana’s podcast), was the recipient of a truly magical Christmas gift: CM Punk’s actual WWE Championship belt.

Yes, it is, for real, the actual belt that Punk held and wore during one of his title reigns. Compton confirmed it’s just as heavy as it looks, and that he’s not going to be hanging onto it, but the belt will be going to an extremely appropriate home.

It’s probably the most CM Punk thing ever for someone to be like “hey, cool memento of you reaching the apex of your chosen profession” and him just being like, “Take it, it’s worthless.” Of course, according to Compton, there are other belts Punk has sitting around collecting dust, but STILL.

Happy holidays, everyone. You’re probably not going to get a gift as good as Compton’s, but best of luck with your loot haul anyway!