Cody Rhodes Says He Didn’t Feel Underutilized Or Underrated In WWE

Cody Rhodes is currently busier than he’s ever been before. He’s murdering dudes over in Ring of Honor, fending off DONGS FROM THE STARS in California, and being the manifestation of American nightmares as part of the Bullet Club. But as happy as he is now, he’s not badmouthing his time in WWE one bit.

In an interview with Total Wrestling magazine in the UK (which will account for wonky spelling errors in the following quote), Rhodes was asked whether he felt underutilized during his time in WWE. The increasingly-at-peace Rhodes said no, he just saw an opportunity present itself in the form of his release, and he took it. And that’s why he’s happier now.

“I feel like I was paid well and they liked Stardust and in the 10 years I was there I wasn’t off a single live event other than a three week period when I was out with my deltoid, which was right when I grew the moustache. I’d never missed a show, I’d been on everything. The last few years I’d been featured in a match on every WrestleMania, I didn’t feel underutilised, I didn’t feel under rated. I just felt that where I was at with Stardust I was unable to shoot Stardust past say where a Cesaro or Owens was and that ship was sinking and I saw a big shiny ship which is this one I’m on now and I made the jump.”

He also revealed that at one point, there were plans for him to play Stardust on one WWE brand and Cody Rhodes on the other, but those plans didn’t end up going anywhere. Thanks for NOTHING, WWE.

I’m glad that Rhodes is having the time of his life and isn’t regretting a thing about his decision, or about his time in WWE. We should all be so lucky as to take a gamble and find it even more rewarding than you hoped.

(Quote via 411Mania)