WWE Confirmed Rusev’s Injury, And Gave Us An Idea Of When He’ll Be Back

10.30.15 3 years ago 10 Comments

Okay, so, remember that rumor that Rusev injured himself during a Main Event taping against Neville? Now that Rusev’s injury has been given proper evaluation, WWE has released the following statement on his injury:

Rusev sustained a proximal bicep tendon rupture during his match with Neville at the WWE Main Event tapings Tuesday night, WWE.com can confirm. The match was called due to the injury, and the former U.S. Champion’s recovery time is currently slated at three to four weeks.

Okay! So! Not as bad as it could have been. As we mentioned previously, ‘torn bicep’ is super vague, and the time frame for recovery can escalate into multiple months depending on the treatment and severity. A few weeks realistically isn’t that bad, and he’s be back in fine fish-throwing form before we know it:

This does, however, mean that Rusev will have to miss the upcoming Survivor Series PPV in Atlanta on November 22. His quick turnaround time leaves him faring better than Randy Orton, who is currently out with an injured shoulder after either forgetting how to do the most menial of household chores, or lifting the heaviest bag of garbage in the world. “What have you got in that trashbag, Mr. The Viper? Encyclopedias?” Orton’s apparent hatred of hardcover-bound knowledge also leaves him out of the pay-per-view event, and he’s been replaced on upcoming tour dates with Alberto Del Rio.

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