WWE Is Reportedly Returning To Saudi Arabia On Halloween For Crown Jewel 2


You’ll frequently hear wrestling fans bring up the idea that WWE should revive the WCW Halloween Havoc PPV, less because those were great shows (although there were certainly some great matches along the way) than because it’s just a fun idea to do a spooky holiday-themed event with a creepy set and people in costumes. If you were hoping for that this year, it’s time to be disappointed, because WWE has decided to spend Halloween on something legitimately evil and far less entertaining: Another Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia.

PWInsider is reporting that the second Crown Jewel will be held on October 31st, which is a Thursday. Previous Saudi Arabian shows were held on Fridays, but with Smackdown moving to Fridays when it goes to Fox this fall, it seems they’re moving the blood-money shows to Thursdays instead. Sadly, there won’t be anything Halloween-themed about this Halloween show, since they not only don’t celebrate that holiday in Saudi Arabia, they don’t allow anything that hints at witchcraft or the occult. It’s also pretty safe to assume there won’t be any women on the card, despite the pitiful abortive attempt they made at scheduling a women’s match at Super ShowDown, the last Saudi Arabian show, in June.