Seven Things You Might Have Overlooked In WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic Bracketology Special

07.07.16 3 years ago 20 Comments

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The wait is nearly over! We’re less than a week from WWE’s first ever Cruiserweight Classic, a 32-man tournament pitting the world’s top cruiserweights against each other. Last night’s Bracketology special ran through the field and went in-depth on some of the competitors. Hosted by Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan, here are a few things this preview taught us.


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Chilean competitor Alejandro Saez had to cut major weight to qualify for the tournament. WWE’s cruiserweight cutoff (at least for this tournament) is 205 pounds. Known as “Xtra Large” in South America, Saez went from 230 pounds to 205 on the nose, and it reportedly took him just two weeks.


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Bollywood movies and Eddie Guerrero were both influential for brothers Harv and Gurv Sihra. Seeing Guerrero embrace his Latino heritage in a proud and non-stereotypical way was important to the Sihra siblings. When they became wrestlers, they decided to show their Indian lineage as the Bollywood Boys. “They want to see a hero come down the snow-clad mountain with a pink scarf, sing songs to the heroine, and beat up all the bad guys at the end,” Harv says.

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