WWE Cruiserweight Classic Results 7/27/16

07.27.16 3 years ago 21 Comments

Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Cruiserweight Classic results for July 27, 2016. Results for the previous episode can be found here. The show featured four more first-round matches in the 32-man tournament, showcasing the returning Brian Kendrick as well as mat technicians Zack Sabre, Jr. and Drew Gulak.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for a more in-depth recap of the night’s action!

1. Zack Sabre, Jr. defeated Tyson Dux. The British “technical wizard” forced Dux to verbally submit to an omoplata/armbar combination.

2. Drew Gulak defeated Harv Sihra. After getting Sihra to tap out to his trademark dragon sleeper, Gulak will face Zack Sabre, Jr. in the second round.

3. Tony Nese defeated Anthony Bennett. The Premier Athlete prevailed with a 450 splash.

4. The Brian Kendrick defeated Raul Mendoza. Kendrick scored the submission victory with the Bully Choke. He will face Tony Nese in the second round.

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