You Can Now Text All Your Wrestling Feelings With WWE’s Own Emoji App

It’s time to face facts: everyone in the world uses emojis to communicate now. You probably used an emoji or two while texting or tweeting about Sunday night’s Survivor Series pay-per-view. Whether it was little skull emojis when Shane McMahon ate that Roman Reigns spear, or poop emojis when Natalya eliminated Sasha Banks, you probably emoji’d your little wrestling fan heart out.

Well, here’s some good news: for just $1.99, you can get an official “WWEmoji” app that features hundreds of weird little cartoon drawings of wrestlers and WWE-related things … doing stuff. Or just posing! Look, there’s even a Shinsuke Nakamura doing a standing split!

So … yay? You can get it on the Apple and Google app stores right away. You know, in case you needed an emoji of Eddie Guerrero mid-frog splash.

Not sure what emotion that’s meant to convey. Wistfulness? Yearning? Ennui? Well, anyway, it’s yours now!

The full press release:

‘WWEmoji’ Emoji App Now Available

The ultimate emoji keyboard including hundreds of emojis for WWE fans

New York – November, 21, 2016 – Moji (AppMoji, Inc.), the recognized worldwide leader of emojis, today released WWEmoji, which can be downloaded now for $1.99 in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for Android, and contains hundreds of emojis encompassing all aspects of the WWE brand.

Superstars from Monday Night Raw, SmackDown Live and NXT, as well as WWE Legends, including “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Stone Cold Steve Austin, are included in the app. In addition to the large selection of emojis, animated icons depicting Superstars’ signature poses or moves, such as Randy Orton’s RKO, also make an appearance. The app will be continuously updated each week with new Superstars and content that mirrors current events in WWE.

Founder & CEO of Moji, Oliver Camilo said “we are so excited for WWE fans to download and use this app. A lot of time and thought went into creating a product that not only embodied the WWE brand, but was designed specifically for WWE fans to use. Although we will be frequently updating the app, users will find no shortage of emojis to use in their everyday conversations.”

“WWE fans are constantly consuming content on their mobile devices, and our new WWEmoji app will provide them with new ways to connect with our brand,” said Casey Collins, WWE Executive Vice President, Consumer Products. “We are excited to partner with Moji, a leader in the space, to create fun and engaging emojis that our fans can use to share with friends and express their passion for WWE and our Superstars.“

Two bucks for the ability to slide a cartoon version of Bo Dallas into people’s DMs? SOLD.

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