Darren Young Could Be Out Of Action For Up To Six Months

Darren Young hasn’t been on WWE television in some time, and it looks like he’s about to get an even more extended hiatus … one that’s completely out of his control. During a match against Epico for Monday’s Main Event tapings, Young took an awkward fall on the ring apron, and the match was waved off due to injury. Young and his manager, Bob Backlund, headed to the back, with Young clutching his arm, and fans waited for the other shoe to drop with the severity of the injury.

In a tweet sent out on Wednesday, Young revealed the actual diagnosis of his injury, which was a “traumatic dislocation” and fracture of the coronoid process caused by hyperextending his right elbow. Yes, that’s as awful and painful as it sounds. Basically, he severely hyperextended his elbow by landing the wrong way on the ring apron, and tore up the guts of his arm.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that while there is no specific details on the timetable for his return, the preliminary diagnosis indicates a six-month recovery process, which presumably includes surgery. As Meltzer notes, this is not just awful news for Young, but for Bob Backlund, who was on the road with Young full-time as his manager.

We hope that Darren Young has a speedy recovery process, and we also hope there might be someone else that Bob Backlund can attempt to help make great again. He probably wouldn’t have to look hard. I hear Titus O’Neil’s personal brand isn’t doing too hot at the moment, if Bob wanted to keep things within the Prime Time Players family.