Darren Young Announced He Will Have ‘Major Surgery’ On His Elbow

Darren Young exploded the whole inside of his elbow last month in a freak accident during a match taped for WWE Main Event. It was super gnarly looking and it sucked for all involved. And now, as expected, he’s going to have to go under the knife this week.

Young took to Instagram on Wednesday to announce that he’s going in for “major surgery” on his elbow on Thursday, and said there is no timetable for his return. The initial estimate for his recovery was six months, so it will likely take at least that long.


Getting my elbow loaded with some serious hardware like the #OG #LexLuger tomorrow in #Birmingham. ? Dr. Dugas who is a phenomenal surgeon will be taking care of me. He did my knee 3 years ago. There is no time frame as to when I will be back but as always I will be keeping busy with rehab and my prior speaking etc. commitments.

Hey, at least he’s getting some yogurt! Everyone loves yogurt!

In keeping with the original news of the extent of damage to his elbow, it sounds like they’re going to have to do some serious reconstructive surgery, and we certainly appreciate the shoutout to Lex Luger, the man who made “THERE IS METAL IN MY BODY BECAUSE OF A SERIOUS ACCIDENT” famous.

This continues to be rough news for Young, as he’s going to have to build up momentum all over again when he’s finally healed up and ready to return. And who knows what will become of Bob Backlund? Too bad they already went with “Make Darren Young Great Again.” Now they’ll have to make Darren Young great again, AGAIN.