Dean Ambrose Will Need Surgery For His Arm Injury

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12.20.17 3 Comments

As fans, we clamored for the better part of three years for a Shield reunion. What we didn’t anticipate was … maybe the Shield reunion would be cursed? Because it is for sure cursed.

First, Roman Reigns became very seriously ill, meaning that the first match of the actual Shield reunion didn’t actually contain the Shield. Instead, Kurt Angle had to fill in, in adorable dad cosplay. Then a revolving door of guest stars played the role of Roman Reigns during a European tour, including Triple H, guy who literally caused the Shield to break up in the first place. Sure, whatever.

Another part of the curse was Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins losing their Raw Tag Team Championship prior to Survivor Series, depriving us of Ambrose and Rollins vs. heel Usos. THIS IS MAYBE THE WORST PART OF THE CURSE.

Oh wait, no, that is not worst part of the curse, because now there’s a legitimate injury that’s going to keep Dean Ambrose out of action for the foreseeable future.

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