WWE Will Continue To Walk With Elias For Years To Come

Elias has been part of several memorable WWE moments over the past few years, from earning the ire of a Seattle crowd with Kevin Owens to dueting with Finn Balor to getting taken to school by the Doctor of Thuganomics. According to last night’s The Satin Sheet news segment of the FS1’s WWE Backstage (meaning, per official WWE announcement), Elias will be around to irritate babyfaces and entertain/irritate crowds for years to come, as he “has agreed to a multi-year contract extension with WWE.”

Elias and his guitar are currently staples on Smackdown and he has declared himself an entrant in the 2020 Royal Rumble, but he hasn’t wrestled a match on WWE programming since September, before an injury took him out of the King of the Ring tournament. He’s since wrestled on house shows, according to Cagematch, but it’s very possible that the Rumble will be his first broadcast match in over four months.

Though it seems unlikely Elias will win the Rumble this year, he has been endorsed as a future world champion in the past. Currently, the only gold Elias has won in WWE is the 24/7 Championship (four times), but with this contract extension, he has plenty of time to move up the WWE card – or hang out where he is currently is and eventually get owned by The Rock or something.