WWE’s Elias Promises Both An Album And A WrestleMania 34 Concert

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Whether he’s getting destroyed by Braun Strowman or maybe teaming up with Braun Strowman, it doesn’t matter. Elias has been on absolute fire lately and there’s a growing number of Elias supporters in the WWE (which of course means Walk With Elias) Universe.

His in-ring performances, whether on the guitar or on the ropes, are a highlight of every Raw. It makes sense that his musical career would take the next step, and it’s only right that Elias gets an opportunity for a WrestleMania moment. Elias spoke with Guitar World about all of that and more.

When asked if there are any plans for WWE to release an album of Elias material, he gave us the answer we were all hoping for, so hold onto your iTunes gift cards now.

Absolutely, I believe … the company is taking notice of what I’m doing every week and there’s absolutely plans in the works to record music, release music, put it out there and give them the sound of Elias that they can take with them. They can have it on their phone, they can have it wherever on whatever music format they have.

Free idea: how about Elias releases a mixtape for each WrestleMania where he goes back and rips on past WWE Superstars. Every album can be named after a specific WrestleMania, and the track listing is every match from that particular year (I can’t wait for Brutus Beefcake vs. Honky Tonk Man from WrestleMania IV). It’s a winner for nostalgia and since most of the subjects of these diss tracks won’t be able to defend themselves, it’s instant heat.

Meanwhile, the question that’s on everybody’s lips: will there be an Elias concert at WrestleMania 34?

Yes, it would be an injustice if Elias was at WrestleMania and not performing in front of millions of people around the world, nearly 70,000 in attendance, it would be an absolute injustice. I will be performing, it will be an amazing memorable performance, unlike anything you’ve seen Elias do in the past.

Let the speculation swirl. If this is unlike anything we’ve seen Elias do in the past, what could it be?

New Orleans has a rich history of music just waiting to get roasted by The Drifter. Harry Connick Jr. will most likely be in attendance. Dr. John is probably available as well. If Elias really wanted to aim high, there’s always Lil’ Wayne. Or maybe Master P can pull double duty?

It’s most likely, however, that Elias is getting the “attacked by WWE Legends” treatment. I imagine he’ll win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, take his place in the middle of the ring to serenade the Superdome, and we’ll all crane our necks towards the ramp to see who’s in town to ruin Elias’ big moment.

Read the full interview with Guitar World.