‘Ellen’ Reimagined The Presidential Debate As A WWE Main Event

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10.08.16 4 Comments

The first Presidential debate of this election cycle was one of the most anticipated and most-watched of any in recent memory. So many people tuned into it that it hurt the television ratings for everything that dared run against it, including helping contribute to an all-time low rating for WWE’s flagship Raw program. Of course, this whole election has been intertwined with WWE, since the GOP candidate is literally in the WWE Hall of Fame and both candidates bit from Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin during their respective conventions.

Since the entire election process this time around has been a knock-down, drag-out affair and featured the type of trash talk and scandal that one would more readily expect from a pro wrestling storyline, it was time someone finally took things to their natural extreme. And that someone was The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Why NOT let them get in the ring? I mean, both Hillary and Trump have had proxies get in WWE rings before, but the less said about that, the better.

This video manipulation is supremely well-done, although it is exceedingly creepy in an “uncanny valley” sense. I’m happy to watch 30 seconds of this and chuckle, but if this was expanded to an hour or so, I would probably start hallucinating. So well done, Ellen Show people!

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