Enzo Amore And Big Cass Tell Us About The Snickers ‘Sawft’ Bar, And Dating A Box Of Chicken

Enzo Amore and Big Cass are obviously having a huge week. They’re about to be in their first WrestleMania, challenging for the tag team titles. And what do you know: they also have a candy bar coming out! Friday, Snickers announced their “SAWFT” bar, which is a Snickers bar (delicious) with the word “SAWFT” on the wrapper. (Delicious?)

On Friday morning, I got a chance to talk to Enzo and Cass via some newfangled sort of technology where they called me on my phone and answered my questions on-camera while seated in the SNICKERS CHAMBER or whatever. Please enjoy the entirety of this interview:

Yes, it is super nice to hear about how to feel harder by eating a candy bar, and it’s great to listen to them talk about their journey, and what this first WrestleMania means to them. But we’ll be honest with you: we just couldn’t wait to get a chance to ask Enzo about his relationship with sweet Georgia Gold. Because it uh … seems very overtly sexual. To say noting of his history accosting trombones. So we put him on the spot, and he was brutally honest:

It’s nice to finally get confirmation of sorts, and an answer. Thanks for setting the record straight, Enzo, re: chicken … relations. And best of luck with whatever you said you’re going to do to that Snickers bar.