Eva Marie’s Husband Claims Her WWE Suspension Was Unjust And Vows To Reveal The Facts

On Thursday, WWE dropped a bombshell when they announced Eva Marie had been suspended for 30 days for violating their Wellness Policy. This is right on the heels of Wednesday’s suspensions of real-life couple Alberto Del Rio and Paige.

Both Del Rio and Eva Marie were featured heavily on this week’s Smackdown Live on Tuesday, before any of the suspensions were announced. At least in the case of Eva Marie, unlike Roman Reigns’ suspension in June, reports indicate WWE didn’t have any advance notice of her failed test and subsequent punishment. However, Eva Marie’s husband, Jonathan Coyle, took to Twitter in the wake of the announcement and promised that the suspension was unfair and that the couple would be releasing a statement with the “facts.”

Total Divas fans will be extremely familiar with the outspoken Jonathan, who has become one of the breakout gaggle of husbands and boyfriends that help make the show so singularly entertaining. Of course, he and Eva Marie might want to consider treading lightly publicly regarding the suspension.

If you recall, Adam Rose also went public about revealing the “facts” behind his suspension. Granted, the parallels between Rose’s and Eva Marie’s suspensions only have “suspension” in common at this point. Because Adam Rose’s story went extremely differently, but his public rocking the boat regarding his suspension and why he failed his test were said to have made WWE pretty unhappy.

Hopefully Jonathan doesn’t end up getting Eva Marie in even more hot water as a result of all of this.