The McMahons Screwed Kofi Kingston Again At WWE Fastlane

03.10.19 3 months ago


One of the biggest, most welcome surprises in WWE on this Road to WrestleMania TM has been the #Kofimania angle. When Kingston replaced Ali in the Elimination Chamber, he immediately made everyone who had forgotten realize how great he is with an incredible gauntlet match performance on Smackdown. This inspiring moment turned into a storyline backed by a social media movement and an amazing run in the Elimination Chamber.

However, in a move that has been acknowledged onscreen to parallel what’s currently going on with Becky Lynch, the McMahons ended up yanking a Fastlane title shot away from Kingston almost as soon as they had granted it. Then at Fastlane, they took things a step further.

Since Xavier Woods and Big E were booked in a last-minute match on the PPV’s pre-show, Kingston was at Fastlane. He was approached backstage and told that the McMahons wanted to speak to him, then added to the WWE Championship match between Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens by Vince McMahon himself. But there was one stipulation – the rest of the New Day would be barred from ringside. Was this the sign of a swerve to come? It sure was!

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