Finn Bálor Should Be Cleared To Return To Action In Mere Weeks

For pretty much a solid year now, Finn Bálor has been the Poochie of WWE. After months of “is he going to make his main roster debut?” speculation, the Demon King finally popped up in time to make a major splash, beat Roman Reigns, win the first Universal Championship and get injured in the process. And since August, all the speculation has shifted to when he’ll be coming back.
On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that Bálor would make his grand return to the WWE main roster (on Raw, of course) before WrestleMania. Bálor popping up in a dark segment at the NXT tapings on Wednesday made some fans nervous, but Meltzer put everyone at ease with his inside info on the Demon King.

“He’s not going back to NXT. He’s going to be on the Raw brand. He is supposed to start back in two weeks, maybe [sooner]. He’s on his way back. He’s always been scheduled for WrestleMania … I don’t know what role, though. But they’ll do something [with him at WrestleMania].”

So there you have it, everyone: ancient Irish demon within two weeks, or your ancient Irish pizza is free. (Please do not eat the ancient Irish pizza. It has been cursed by a demon.)